02.12.2014 The new vision of attracting investment in Ukraine

The edition "Business" published an analytical article by Vladimir Panov, Director of "Sezparkservis"», Vice-president of the Association "Innovative Development of Ukraine", a Member of the Supervisory Board of PrJSC «Eurocar» about a strategy of attracting investment.

03.10.2014 First Kyiv International Economic Forum: growth point - a winning strategy in the global competition

October 2, 2014 was held Kyiv International Economic Forum, a key theme of which was discussion of necessary economic reforms in Ukraine and ways of their implementation.

«Solomonovo» Industrial Park is the first extensive project in Ukraine aimed to create a high-tech automotive production platform - an analogue of the world's best models.

The managing company – «Sezparkservice» (Atoll Holding group of companies) aims to found the largest industrial cluster in Ukraine, to attract production of world-known corporations, to create more than 10000 workplaces, to increase the localization of automobiles produced in the park to the level "made in Ukraine", to create a base for technological innovations.

The project is being carried out in the westernmost region of Ukraine - Zakarpattia, which has a huge investment potential, bordering on four states members of the European Union. Access to the largest centers of Central and Eastern Europe and the consumer market of as much as 150 million people is provided within the 24-hour period. Benefits of working in Zakarpattia were appreciated by such well-known corporations as Škoda, Jabil, Flex, Yazaki Corporation, Forschner, Groclin Group and others.

«Solomonovo» Industrial Park is registered in the State Register of Industrial Parks of Ukraine and it, as one of the most promising industrial investment platforms, has a number of preferences and state guarantees, protected at the legislative level.

«Solomonovo» Industrial Park opens new opportunities for investing in Ukraine.