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About the company

Construction of the first Ukrainian automobile industrial park, a car cluster, attraction of world-famous brands to the industrial park and creation of 10 000 jobs, bringing the localization of produced cars by "Eurocar" LLC to the level of "Made in Ukraine" production - these are those challenging but realistic goals, which sets the "Sezparkservice" company.

Our mission - via creation of Solomonovo industrial park to activate an auto industry in Ukraine - already orients the visitors of the web-site that the company took over the function to implement such project that no one has ever before implemented in Ukraine.

"Atoll Holding" together with its companies here in Transcarpathia creates New Automotive Industry, which will bring Ukraine into the category of automobile states of the world.

By visiting this web-site, you can in real-time to keep up step by step with the way how the "Sezparkservice" company despite the difficulties of Ukrainian realities will implement its project and achieve its goals.

We are open - we are in touch.

Best regards,

Director of "Sezparkservice" LLC

Vladimir Panov