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The main functions of the management company are as follows:

  • development and approval of the concept of the industrial park;
  • arrangement of the territory of the industrial park;
  • attracting of residents of the industrial park;
  • definition of the form of cooperation and conclusion of contracts with residents of the park;
  • provision of effective environment for the work of subjects of the industrial park.

Areas of activity:


  • Registration of land ownership
  • Land Assets management
  • Optimization of land assets portfolio (diversification and preparation for implementation)


  • Providing of industrial park objects with external engineering networks
  • Operation of utility networks (operating company servicing facilities of the park)
  • Ensuring the optimum logistic junction

Work with potential residents

  • Negotiations with potential investors
  • Determining the most appropriate mechanisms for cooperation
  • Development of investment proposals for each manufacturer

Design and construction of sites

  • Zoning
  • Development of a general layout of the industrial park
  • Engineering and site preparation for construction
  • Planning and control of construction network schedule

Operation and objects management

  • Current maintenance of utility networks and facilities of IP
  • Upgrading of engineering and transport infrastructure
  • Fire safety of IP facilities
  • Protection and taking care of the territory, etc.