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Forms of cooperation

The main forms of cooperation within Solomonovo industrial park are:

• Sale of land plots with prepared engineering networks

Plots with a set of engineering facilities are offered to production companies in the ownership for construction of production industries. Area, shape and location of the site within the industrial park, and the volume of infrastructure are selected by the purchasers on the basis of their own technology needs.

• Build to order

This form is aimed at projects, starting with a zero phase - from investment in the land to construction of the facility on an individual design of the customer after the prior approval of requirements specification and construction budget. The volume of infrastructure and other specific details of cooperation are negotiated individually with each investor.

• Rental of real estate with the subsequent sale

This form of cooperation means the transfer of objects of property in ownership in the form of standard leasehold, which allows more efficient use of investment resources on early stage by postponing of payments for the building at a later date due to the lease.

One of the possible forms of cooperation, which aims at the fullest use of the capacity of each party, and obtaining the maximum economic benefits from the collaboration. The examples of equity in the business are as follows:


  • site and infrastructure preparation for the future operation of the facility on the basis of a joint use with a partner - investor;
  • investing in production;
  • joint activities in all phases of production activities.