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Park benefits

Solomonovo Industrial Park , as one of the most promising industrial investment sites in Central and Eastern Europe, has a number of competitive advantages.

Regional benefits:

  • a border with 4 countries of the European Union
  • a sales markets up to 500 million consumers within a radius of 1000 km
  • an access to the largest business centers of Central and Eastern Europe within one day
  • 19 checkpoints, including 8 international, 3 interstate, 5 points of the simplified transition
  • a developed network of railways (1476 km), a railway transport hub in Chop
  • nearness to developed air traffic centers (international airports in Uzhhorod, Debrecen, Ko?ice, Lviv).

Park benefits:

  • 2 km to the border with Hungary
  • 40 km to the M5 motorway connecting the industrial park with Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Trieste, Thessaloniki
  • three railway checkpoints within the radius of 2 km of Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine
  • availability of own railway terminal and 4 railway tracks (wide and narrow) allowing to transport cargo to the EU and CIS countries
  • power supply with a capacity of 52 MW due to its own transforming step-down substation
  • Eurocar - the official manufacturer of the Volkswagen AG brands in Ukraine is located nearby, and within a radius of 50 km there are manufacturers of world-renowned transnational corporations in the automotive industry.
  • preferential duty treatment on the territory of the industrial park, secured by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Resource benefits:

  • lower cost of electricity for industrial consumers than in neighboring EU countries
  • lower wages than in neighboring EU countries
  • availability of qualified skilled labor (within a radius of 30 km live more than 220 thousand people)
  • a powerful regional scientific center - 6 universities, where more than 21 thousand students study; developed network of vocational education institutions.