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Mission and principles

Mission of the company: by creating «Solomonovo» Industrial Park we seek to activate automotive industry in Ukraine.

Our goals are:

  • to build Solomonovo industrial park;
  • to increase the level of localization of cars production by Eurocar LLC;
  • to build an effective business and maximize the market value of the company;
  • to strengthen the automotive industry in Ukraine.

Our principles are:

  • Innovation in problem solving

we are looking for new ideas and solutions

  • Development

we develop ourselves and give others a chance to develop

  • Dynamics

we are ready to change, keeping the balance between stability and change

  • Realizability

our goals are realistic and practical

  • Positive

Everything we do is aimed at changing the society for the better

  • Usefulness

Our final result is beneficial

  • Openness

We are transparent; information about the company and its activities is open